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d342 111127 sketches


Another month, another update (though it’s more like 1.5 updates a month, given the last three or four). Today’s is admittedly weak, but I basically didn’t do any drawing this quarter and I basically didn’t do any drawing over the break as well.

These first two pages of doodle were done in August. This is a general redesign of Bradly’s yacht from Reflection. I don’t seem to have a drawing of the original posted, but the general gist is that lines became straighter and the ship became less obnoxious. Also present are Charles, Bradly’s pilot (chauffeur? butler? secretary? we’re not really sure at this point), and Bradly donning his traditional Founder suit over a Steve Jobs-esque black turtleneck.

This is a little more recent, but it’s another general redesign, this time of the Wind Charmer Wynn from TIAIIS. Again, I can’t seem to find my original sketches on the site, but again, the lines became straighter (though this one wasn’t particularly obnoxious in the first place). I think the general result here is that the ship is overall more “professional” than it used to be. Meaning, even though it is still built from two ships, it looks like the military did the conversion, rather than John Doe.

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d342b ThinkPad x220 Review

[111128 – split 130129]

Shortly after the last review, I was effectively able to turn over the x200t for more than 85% (gross) of the price at which I bought it. I’m a little bit surprised that it has held its value so well; I may have only had it for a year and a quarter, but those things are coming up to three years of age. Typically the price drop in the second or third year is still pretty significant; I think my TC4200 lost most of it’s value the year that I bought it. Whatever the case, the hunt was on for a T400 replacement…

The plan as of June was still x200t->x220t and t400->t420(s), but with my recent forays into smaller and lighter, a t420, not to mention the much more expensive (s), just wasn’t going to cut it. Given that I’m typically docked to my two monitors when I’m doing anything that needs more screen-estate, I just don’t need a big laptop anymore. I didn’t need to search far for an alternative to the t420(s). The vanilla x220 boasts the same spec as the vanilla t420 in a smaller form factor. Furthermore, the base x220 is only $100 more than the base t420 on Lenovo’s website, and the difference in price on the second-hand-new and second-hand-used market is basically nothing.

Traditionally the price gap between a comparable mainstream and ultra-portable laptop has been closer to the range of 2x.

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d341 111101 Boats 2011 Comics


Well, November’s update a little early as I’m gong to be busy next couple weeks.

We’ve certainly got a lot of mileage out of boats this year. This is probably the fifth or sixth relevant update. I don’t really remember what prompted me to draw this series (obviously the boats did, but I’m referring to the fact that I basically never draw 4koma about “The Adventures of D and J”, regardless of whatever stupidly funny things we do), but here it is in it’s full three-page glory.

J agrees that, for the most part, this accurately depicts all the silliness that went with the first boating outing (except for maybe the “pew” on the propeller thing). I think J also agrees that the drawings relatively accurately depict the physical state of me and him…

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d341b ThinkPad x220 Tablet Review

[111101 – split 130129]

Now while I have nominally labelled Nonsense Wars an “artblog”, I think I usually end up writing about computing and computers enough such that I think it could constitute a ghetto tech blog. Today’s update is no different; I last noted what I called my “hardware master plan” back in June, and, as this always go, I arbitrarily decided to “finally” execute on it.

In d333, I droned on about my thoughts on the MBA 11 in a very long and boring post. For the most part I wanted to see if I’d benefit from a lighter machine, so I went for what is more or less the lightest, thinnest non-netbook on the market and took it for a spin. I took the MBA out and about for a couple weeks (and played TF2 on it) and ultimately decided that I didn’t benefit that much from it. The one-pound difference between it and the relatively heavy X200 Tablet just isn’t particularly tangible when you have a backpack with a couple of other things in it. I was always worried about damaging the MBA as well, almost to the point of annoyance.

But that’s okay. Thanks to my l337 skills, I sold it for more (net) than I got it.

I wasn’t planning on trading up the X200 Tablet until the warranty ran out, but it turns out that that was going to be sooner than I thought. The label on the bottom of the machine suggested that coverage would end in August 2012. Lenovo’s support site said that coverage would end in January. I’m also trying to work out a “better” upgrade/replacement cycle. With the TC4200, I kept it for more than two years, during which the value more than halved. With the X200 Tablet, I’ve had it for somewhat more than a year, but I think I can get at least 75% of what I paid for it. At the same time, it might have been a bit too early to buy a replacement, so this buy/sell balancing act is a work in progress.

So here I write a brief X220(i) Tablet/x220t review. This is the first current laptop I’ve owned since the E6400 and subsequently the most expensive laptop I’ve owned since then. I believe the (i) indicates that the machine is base spec or close to base spec, but the base i3-2310M, 4GB, and 320GB hard drive (obviously I threw in an SSD instead of that last piece) are more than enough for basically everything I do – as most base configs have been for the past few years. The base price is about $1100 average on the Lenovo website, but I managed to snag an MISB unit for $825.

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