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Weekend (mis)Adventures 1: RC Planes

IT’S A POST BY J!!!!!!!

Ahem. Anyway, now that I’m back on the same side of the country as D, we try to get together every weekend to do something. At some point we figured we might as well document some of what we’re doing and put it on Nonsense Wars. That’s the entire point of having a blog/website right?

Step 1: Do stuff.
Step 2: Take photos of yourself doing stuff.
Step 3: Post photos of yourself doing stuff to internet. Maybe write about yourself doing stuff.
Step 4: Do more stuff.

Some of you might object that “??? […] Profit!” is missing. That’s not how the internet works for most people.

Anyway, on to Step 3!

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d379 ThinkPad Helix Review


First hardware review for a while! I would have wanted to write this post months ago, but Lenovo botched the launch of the Helix like no other. It was initially supposed to come out in February at a rumored price of about $1300, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on one at that price until now, almost five months later.

This is actually round two of “try to replace my x220 tablet with something better”. I briefly tried an x230 tablet at launch last year, but the benefits were far too marginal for me to care, so I returned it. This year there supposedly won’t be an x240 tablet, so I’m trying the Helix, which is very different and very much a compromise. The problem I have and have ranted about is that I just want a better conventional convertible tablet, but nobody wants to make one anymore because they could make some new and gimmicky form factor instead.

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d376 RC Papercraft Titanic 2013


Yes folks, with the Melvin more or less working properly, I had a great idea by which to revisit the Titanic: I decided to replace the foamcore cutout with a paper model.

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d375 USS Melvin Part 3


I was only planning on having three posts for the USS Melvin saga, but at this point I really do need four to document all the crap that’s gone on with this thing. I last left off after the Melvin’s first real test run, which unfortunately took place in much less than ideal conditions. Nonetheless, I was able to determine that the performance was pretty good and that the boat was a little too heavy with four D batteries.

Thus, the first of many modifications were made.

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d373 5AT 2013


I apparently didn’t have much to say about the old 5AT back in d93 (yes, the old 5AT had been sitting around for seven years, which is almost as long as the Kagurazaka), so I’ll start from the top.

Much like the ACE, the 5AT is an advanced steam locomotive that was developed and not built. The difference is that the 5AT is a much more recent design, and that the construction has only been recently shelved (obviously it could still be built – with a higher probability than the ACE). It seems to me that the 5AT was also much further along in development than the ACE ever was. There are a lot of detailed calculations and CAD models on the 5AT website.

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