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Hello everyone! I am recovering from strep throat~~~~~ For those of you who think I’ve missed out on the epic heat wave by being in Northern California (70s to 80s here, yay), I’ve had my own personal heat wave — in the hundreds. I sure hope I heal up soon.

So yeah, space week has been EXTENDED so that I can actually make a post. orz. This one is recycled content, albeit something I’ve never posted before.

A few years ago I went on a cruise with Sam. During the cruise we had the idea of writing (sam) and illustrating (me) a space story that was sort of in the vein of Star Trek — ship’s crew goes wandering through the universe, finds strange stuff, etc. I am temporarily naming the concept “Sam-space” because we never came up with a name for it. Today I’m going to post some concept art for some of the spacecraft from that universe.

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J294 – The Return of the Exquisite Corpses

As promised in the last update, here are more exquisite corpses!

First up, a 5-person loop. Participants: wah, J, Lushan, TV&, and Law.

The other 3 after the jump…

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J288 – Exquisite Corpse x5

So, after the Anime Club showing this past Friday, I asked if anyone wanted to do exquisite corpse. We actually got 5 people, so there was one comic each where one person didn’t participate.

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J282 – Exquisite Corpse #2

Another pair of exquisite corpses; They’re from the same sessions as the ones in this update.

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Filler: Drowned J

[2/8/2010] Was short on time and really tired today, so I didn’t get to update. Enjoy a colored version of Drowned J, as colored by one of my friends. See her deviantART here.

Actual update to come later this week.

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