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d337 110904 Tales 2011 Painting


The third “official” painting of the year (seventh if you consider the character sketches) is my now called Tales 2011 painting. It used to be that all the characters got their own paintings, but obviously times have changed. The last time I had a painting with a comparable or greater figure count was 2007.

I’ve actually been meaning to do a painting in this style since the first character sketch a couple months ago. I just didn’t have a vision of what it should be until more recently (about a week ago), so it obviously didn’t happen ’til then. I think in general the figures are okay and the painting is okay, but I think the tree is pretty good considering it’s the first time I’ve tried to paint a tree at this resolution since basically the year NW started (and that painting was rubbish). I think the ground and the colors turned out pretty nice as well. I don’t usually use yellow as a master color.

There’s a little bit of cheating here and there: J always asks me how I stay in the lines on single-layer paintings like this one, and part of the answer is that I don’t. In some cases here, neighboring, discrete colors across a “hard” divider blend into the same shade of yellow, so I just merge the two colors instead of stay “in” the line. The other part of the answer is just “be pro”. Obviously. The other notable shirk is the fade-to-white background. It’s not that I didn’t want to paint anything in there, it’s just that nothing I put there, whether it be hills or simply a curved horizon line, seemed to give the same suggestion of space on paper so I just blanked the whole thing out.

And of course, since the lineart is basically a sketch in and of itself, it stands alone pretty well:

This painting would have been posted earlier, but I got distracted by one of my occasional urges to move stuff around.

Now I’ve written about setup a couple times in the past, but only about my battles with storage efficiency once, apparently. Every once in a while, I’ll be looking around and realize I’ve been doing something stupid, and that such and such space can be utilized so much more efficiently if I just switch section of stuff A with section of stuff B, and so on and so forth. This happens once in a while because even though space is “well used” after a “storage shuffle”, entropy and the addition/removal of stuff obviously takes the organization further away from the optimal as time goes on.

It’s like how eBay stuff used to only take up about a cubic meter of space but now it takes up about three cubic meters of space. The configuration for optimally storing eBay stuff of about a cubic meter is not the same as the setup for optimally storing three cubic meters.

This time around, I was getting annoyed with all the stuff that I was keeping on the floor (especially a gigantic stack of cardboard boxes for shipping), and I was looking for ways to consolidate/optimize, etc, etc, and I realized that since, at latest 2008, I had been keeping boxes of “completed” Lego sets on the bottom levels of my main rack of shelves, boxes that don’t actually get accessed at all now that they’ve been more or less completed. At the same time, I’ve kept my loose bricks in the closet, even though those were much more often accessed. Somehow, I have not, until now, realized that this wasn’t the best idea.

So, in what I call the “biggest re-org evar”, I switched the two among other things.

That’s the before. Excuse the crappy composite.

That’s the after (click for full view). Excuse the arguably crappier composite.

Unfortunately what these two pics really don’t show is just how much less stuff is on the floor. I had a five-foot stack of packaging material that moved into the initially dead space above my small filing cabinet. Another cubic meter of ebay junk moved onto the shelves as well. I was able to make all that extra space largely (I think) due to the far superior spatial utilization of the top shelf of my closet. I’d say I was previously using half of that space, and now I’m using about two-thirds. The Lego boxes were really meant to fit there; there is basically zero clearance on either side, and then it’s not an extremely tight fit either.

I’m a little bit concerned about the weight in the far left corner: the combined weight of the two Dell towers and the IBM 5150 on the bottom shelf is probably close to 100lbs. Also of note is the return of a keyboard tray below my CRT. As a random aside, I actually saw someone with the exact same display in a cube at Cisco. I’m also pretty happy with the space that I’ve freed up at and under my desk over the past couple months.

I think that’s all for now.

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