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So this update is kind of a tale of two paintings if you will, one probably better than the other. The Tear painting from the last update is actually the first of a series of three – sometime in January I told J that I wanted to do “three paintings that I like” – those are it. Basically done, but not posted. Those three are all more or less done the same way; at some point, I thought I really just wanted to clean stuff more.

Let’s pretend digital ink is out of the question for now… I tried to tackle cleaning using pen:

This is just a thumbnail test painting, but the lineart is done in ink. I think my inking ability is definitely better than it was with the last Senjougahara painting, but after completing this, I wasn’t sure if ink was what I really wanted. Conceivably my inking isn’t good enough yet, but the inked lines still look more or less like pencil lines, if only much more consistent.

They’re just still not very smooth at my usual drawing resolution. Again, it might just be because I can’t draw big enough yet, but I’m starting to get the feeling that it might just be the nature of the beast. Maybe a lot of the art that I see that I think is done in pencil is actually done with pen…

So tidying up the lineart with pen didn’t help… so I tried to get rid of it altogether:

This is actually a lot more interesting. This is similar to the Pieces painting. I originally intended to take my time on this and make a really nice painting, but that proved to be a little too ambitious. Basically I drew a rougher sketch than usual, started painting on a separate layer, and then I merged the two layers and started painting on that. I couldn’t figure out when to merge the layers, and I may have gotten impatient.

Either way, I didn’t really end up taking my time, and basically ended up blowing off the characters in the foreground. The entire painting, though, turned out surprisingly well for how badly I thought I’d messed it up. It definitely looks more like a painting (according to J as well), though I’m not totally convinced that’s what I want either. As usual, the “correct” approach is probably some sort of hybrid…

I think do like this more than the older Pieces painting, though. Not quite sure why; the Pieces painting might just be a little too “deliberate”. I think the foreground/background segregation in the Pieces painting works better, though. I’m trying another experiment on a painting that I started a while ago and never finished. Basically I’m going to try to merge the lineart later. We will see how that goes.

Speaking of Pieces, almost a year and a half after its completion, I’ve decided to embark on another one-shot. A year and a half after finishing Pieces, I still think it’s alright, albeit a little corny. It’s corny because I’m just not that good at writing, and my text is a little corny. Hence, for this next project will have no text!

The general premise is this: 20 pages with text is too long and too complicated for anyone to figure out unless they’re really into reading comics, etc. I want to convey a compelling story to the reader with as little effort as possible on the reader’s part. Basically, you should be able to pick it up, flip through it, and understand what happened, and maybe take something away. I supposed it’s a fairly lofty goal, but I think I have something ok.

As of now, I basically have a fairly rough outline completed – I originally aimed for about ten or eleven pages, but once I had a rough plan for that, I decided that there was a lot of fluff… and I cut it down to six. Hopefully I will actually start drawing soon…

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