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J271 – Exquisite Corpse #1

[3/4/2010] Late as usual…

So, today’s update is an example of an exquisite corpse. Essentially, each person in this drawing group I’m in drew one panel, then passed the paper on to the next person who drew the next panel. Sometimes, you get exactly what the first person was intednding. Other times…

In this case the participants were as follows:

The one on the left was done in December, whereas the one on the right happened this past week. I feel that the one on the left is a great example of an exquisite corpse that slowly gets crazier and crazier until the killer final panel, whereas the one on the right is an example of an exquisite corpse with a hilarious subversion at the end.

So I guess I only did 1/4 of an update then, since I only drew 2 panels? It’s been crazy for me lately. A paper due last Tuesday, a paper that was due this Tuesday, and another one due next Tuesday … aiyaiyai.

Okay, collapsing now. Until next we-zzzzzzzz

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