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This month on Nonsense Wars: J makes a post!

Anyway, I have to start grasping at straws now because I haven’t actually drawn anything substantial for the past half a year(!). Hopefully that’ll change soon, but when I read J’s “one post a day” comment, I lol’ed. I’ve been able to sit down and do some doodles recently, but just not much. At all. So at least for today’s post, no real new content. Since Pieces is finally completely posted, I’ve decided to compile and post my lovely Pieces storyboard.

The above picture is a (gasp) “thumbnail” that you can click. The actual thing is 50% of the real thing and still 1.5MB, so beware 56k’ers (if there are, God forbid, still any out there). The thumbnail is 33% of 50% and still 277K. There are 24 “pages” here; while the actual story is only 20 pages, the first two pages in each *.jnt file are notes for me to keep track of what the crap I was doing.

Looking back on this it seems that, for the most part, the actual pages more or less followed their storyboard counterparts to the dot… or were completely different. Not much in the middle. The worst pages (a46 ranks among the worst if you ask me) are apparently those that didn’t have anything concrete on the storyboard and just “this has to happen here” notes. Thus in general, the storyboard seems to have helped, but I suppose it’s more of a “knowing what the heck you’re going to do” helps.

That being said, I’m not sure what I’m doing next with regard to comic, but it’s not going to have a storyboard.

Changing gears a bit; yesterday I did a major cleanup and some equipment shuffling.

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This is, I think, by far the longest we’ve gone without an update since high school (about a month since the last update). I’ve more or less given up on kicking J to update, and am just updating when he does. Obviously I’m just taking the blame off me. So we’re not really officially dead yet, just very much in limbo as these sorts of things generally turn out to be.

… and so here’s the second last page of Pieces. As expected, I still haven’t actually drawn anything significant since then, so in a way I’m glad we have this “break”. Those paintings I mentioned a month ago never happened either. I’m not too sure why I didn’t have the time over break (for all the past breaks I can remember I’ve always had the time and inspiration to do at least one) – I had the sketches and all ready – but it just didn’t happen.

Instead (well maybe not outright instead of painting), I replaced my trusty E6400 with a T400 in the same spontaneous way I replaced my TC4200 with my X200T.

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The slow updates lately have been somewhat regrettable, but with J updating so rarely these days, I’m not terribly motivated to do my part either. Of all the things we blabbered about at our Fanime panel, I think “doing a webcomic with someone” is probably the advice I’d be most inclined to support given all the crap we’ve been through. It has come down to the point where I need to be a little sick and a little bedridden to update…

Nothing really worth mentioning about today’s comic page, page 14 of Pieces. It’s been only four months since I wrote this now, but it feels like a damn long time. Going forward with the comics right now, I’m doing kind of a free-flowing, unplanned “continuation” of this story, largely as I feel that that route is a lesser evil than the route of working on the “continuation” of the “main” story arc. Lesser evil in that’s it’s less clunky – and less difficult, I guess – to conduct. All of Pieces was supposed to have been posted by now, as I mentioned in an older post that I couldn’t find, but as with the main story arc, stuff happens, I don’t draw enough, and the posts get delayed. Next week (or next update, really; I intend to post in less than a week to make up for the recent failings) will be a painting again.

The rest of this post was going to be about setup, as a continuation of my last post, but I’m going to throw some other random shit in there. It’s weird typing “2011” on everything…

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