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d359b ThinkPad T430 Thoughts

[121116 – split 130118]

Once upon a time when software overhead grew faster than hardware development “upgrade” was synonymous with “performance”. The latter was the reason you did the former and that was that. When the two lines crossed again, I thought that my already slow upgrade cycle would slow even more, as nobody cared about silly things like power consumption or screen quality or form factor. Well, obviously I was wrong. Fleet turnover used to be something more sacred associated with regularity and neediness, but now it’s degenerated into whenever the hell I feel like it.

Turnover last year was two-thirds and turnover this year looks like its going to be two-thirds as well.

In the last days of my last setup it occurred to me that I had two machines that were mainly stationary, my primary workstation (x220) and my still discrete fileserver (e6400). This didn’t seem right anymore. Back when the fleet was bigger and I first decided I wanted a fileserver, I had a plethora of major and minor justifications (everything virus isolation to hardware overhead) for having a discrete machine. As these things tend to go, a lot of the issues surrounding the decision go away over time, but the decision itself is never re-evaluated. When I finally re-evaluated it, I decided to merge the fileserver and the primary workstation.

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