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d341b ThinkPad x220 Tablet Review

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Now while I have nominally labelled Nonsense Wars an “artblog”, I think I usually end up writing about computing and computers enough such that I think it could constitute a ghetto tech blog. Today’s update is no different; I last noted what I called my “hardware master plan” back in June, and, as this always go, I arbitrarily decided to “finally” execute on it.

In d333, I droned on about my thoughts on the MBA 11 in a very long and boring post. For the most part I wanted to see if I’d benefit from a lighter machine, so I went for what is more or less the lightest, thinnest non-netbook on the market and took it for a spin. I took the MBA out and about for a couple weeks (and played TF2 on it) and ultimately decided that I didn’t benefit that much from it. The one-pound difference between it and the relatively heavy X200 Tablet just isn’t particularly tangible when you have a backpack with a couple of other things in it. I was always worried about damaging the MBA as well, almost to the point of annoyance.

But that’s okay. Thanks to my l337 skills, I sold it for more (net) than I got it.

I wasn’t planning on trading up the X200 Tablet until the warranty ran out, but it turns out that that was going to be sooner than I thought. The label on the bottom of the machine suggested that coverage would end in August 2012. Lenovo’s support site said that coverage would end in January. I’m also trying to work out a “better” upgrade/replacement cycle. With the TC4200, I kept it for more than two years, during which the value more than halved. With the X200 Tablet, I’ve had it for somewhat more than a year, but I think I can get at least 75% of what I paid for it. At the same time, it might have been a bit too early to buy a replacement, so this buy/sell balancing act is a work in progress.

So here I write a brief X220(i) Tablet/x220t review. This is the first current laptop I’ve owned since the E6400 and subsequently the most expensive laptop I’ve owned since then. I believe the (i) indicates that the machine is base spec or close to base spec, but the base i3-2310M, 4GB, and 320GB hard drive (obviously I threw in an SSD instead of that last piece) are more than enough for basically everything I do – as most base configs have been for the past few years. The base price is about $1100 average on the Lenovo website, but I managed to snag an MISB unit for $825.

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d330 110721 space week 2


Well, this is the backup drawing because I don’t have anything. The second drawing I was going to do currently consists of one 1/8th thumbnail and a blank page. In generally just had a lot of eBay stock to process this week, and I spent a lot of time puttering around. It doesn’t help that J’s been sick, so he hasn’t been drawing, which has definitely decreased my motivation somewhat.

Anyway, this is a Slick Wheels class locomotive drawn at the beginning of this year. The round windows are supposed to be like those found on some ships and some Japanese trains. Japanese diesels always seem to have the strangest wheel arrangements.

The rest of this post is dedicated to one year with the x200t.

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dupdate 110618


This month on Nonsense Wars: J makes a post!

Anyway, I have to start grasping at straws now because I haven’t actually drawn anything substantial for the past half a year(!). Hopefully that’ll change soon, but when I read J’s “one post a day” comment, I lol’ed. I’ve been able to sit down and do some doodles recently, but just not much. At all. So at least for today’s post, no real new content. Since Pieces is finally completely posted, I’ve decided to compile and post my lovely Pieces storyboard.

The above picture is a (gasp) “thumbnail” that you can click. The actual thing is 50% of the real thing and still 1.5MB, so beware 56k’ers (if there are, God forbid, still any out there). The thumbnail is 33% of 50% and still 277K. There are 24 “pages” here; while the actual story is only 20 pages, the first two pages in each *.jnt file are notes for me to keep track of what the crap I was doing.

Looking back on this it seems that, for the most part, the actual pages more or less followed their storyboard counterparts to the dot… or were completely different. Not much in the middle. The worst pages (a46 ranks among the worst if you ask me) are apparently those that didn’t have anything concrete on the storyboard and just “this has to happen here” notes. Thus in general, the storyboard seems to have helped, but I suppose it’s more of a “knowing what the heck you’re going to do” helps.

That being said, I’m not sure what I’m doing next with regard to comic, but it’s not going to have a storyboard.

Changing gears a bit; yesterday I did a major cleanup and some equipment shuffling.

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d287b ThinkPad x200 Tablet Review

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Just two weeks after I picked up my X61T, a fellow on eBay actually decided to sell me my X200T on the cheap, at my magical $700 price point. So this week’s post is obviously another “mini review”, because I just love writing about this stuff, apparently.

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