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d357 120831 Ink Drawings II


Well, I haven’t really had the chance to draw much since the last update, but I figure I’d get this post in before the month was up (30 minutes left as of this writing!). Last time I posted what I’d consider my first “true” ink drawings, and today I’ve got two more. These are both from reference:

Both drawings are slightly disproportionately narrow compared to the original. I’m not exactly sure how I screwed them up the same way twice in a row, but it might have something to do with the translation of the photo aspect ratio to the paper aspect ratio. Hopefully will have a chance to draw more in the next few weeks.

The following comments about computing and whatnot were written at the beginning of August. As these things go, they are already out of date, but since it’s already written, I’ll post it for my future self to read.

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d342b ThinkPad x220 Review

[111128 – split 130129]

Shortly after the last review, I was effectively able to turn over the x200t for more than 85% (gross) of the price at which I bought it. I’m a little bit surprised that it has held its value so well; I may have only had it for a year and a quarter, but those things are coming up to three years of age. Typically the price drop in the second or third year is still pretty significant; I think my TC4200 lost most of it’s value the year that I bought it. Whatever the case, the hunt was on for a T400 replacement…

The plan as of June was still x200t->x220t and t400->t420(s), but with my recent forays into smaller and lighter, a t420, not to mention the much more expensive (s), just wasn’t going to cut it. Given that I’m typically docked to my two monitors when I’m doing anything that needs more screen-estate, I just don’t need a big laptop anymore. I didn’t need to search far for an alternative to the t420(s). The vanilla x220 boasts the same spec as the vanilla t420 in a smaller form factor. Furthermore, the base x220 is only $100 more than the base t420 on Lenovo’s website, and the difference in price on the second-hand-new and second-hand-used market is basically nothing.

Traditionally the price gap between a comparable mainstream and ultra-portable laptop has been closer to the range of 2x.

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